Lesswing-Eric A

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  • Last Name: Lesswing
  • Given Name: Eric A
  • Birth: 4/15/1965
  • Death: 7/19/1981
  • AGED:

  • Cemetery:
  • Section: D, Row: A, Lot: 27, Stone: 27

Eric Lesswing, died July 19, 1981. Sixteen years old. He was hit by a car in Dover, NH. He is buried at First Parish Cemetery, York, Maine. His stone is the first one you notice when driving in the gate. It is unusual, looks like an eagle's wing. The section has become known as the Lesswing Section. Eric's family comes often to visit. Every day someone visits Eric. He was well loved. People say he knew. Just before his accident he sent birthday cards to everyone he knew. Patrick, a crippled, wonderful man, says there was a glow about Eric the week before he died. Patrick has been inspired to go on by Eric's glow. God Bless Eric. May he rest in peace.

Posted on Find A Grave on 1/9/2009 by Thomas J. Feeneyp>

Dear Mr. Feeney, Yesterday I found your information on Eric in the REMEMBERING TEENAGERS WHO HAVE DIED forum on the internet. That was so kind of you to invest the time to share Eric with others who might be interested in his story. As his mom and dad we have always felt his death was pre-ordained and that he did know he was leaving us. We, too, had his friends come to us with stories of his good-byes and wishes for a happy birthday to his peers when that birthday might be months away. Seeing your writing at this Easter season, was like another "Hello" from him to us, since he was born on April 15, 1965, which was Holy Thursday that year. We brought him home on Easter Sunday. You might like to know another "coincidence": Eric was born in our car, and died in his car. There is more to that story, but we'll save it for another time. His friends, both young and old, still talk about him to us, celebrate him at their high school re-unions, and do talk to him when they visit his gravesite. He is always with us when we pray for healing situations and strangers when they hear our name, often come up to us to tell us a story about him that they remember. We were so blessed to be his parents and family even for those short 16 years. Patrick Kiernan has been a family friend since he was a baby and you're right, he is also one who has been chosen to set an example for us all. I remember seeing him out in our backyard, sitting on the bench, watching the river after Eric died. How he got there that day, I have no idea, but he was there. Eric sent a lot of his buddies to lift us up when we were feeling sad, to give us hugs and worlds of memories. Some of them, after 28 years, are still doing that. He continues to bless our family, sending us two beautiful grand-daughters 16 years apart, but with hearts just like his. We are so blessed. Please stop to visit when you see us. We love talking about our Eric....he was a gift. Sincere regards and love in this Easter season, Rosemarie and Fred Lesswing PS you wrote that piece on Fred's birthday, 1-09-07, his 75th birthday. Another great gift! (from Eric??)

E Mail remembrance from Eric's Mom and Dad on 3/12/2009.

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