Stromberg-Ruby W

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  • Last Name: Stromberg
  • Given Name: Ruby W
  • Birth: 11/28/1916
  • Death: 6/16/1949
  • AGED:

  • Relationship: Wife
  • Cemetery:
  • Section: F, Row: I, Lot: 248S, Stone: 2

First Parish Church cemetery means both a place and people to me. It is the place, a tranquil oasis, I first discovered in the 1940's when I walked through it on my way from York High School to York Village to take a local bus home to Cape Neddick after practice session of basketball, chorus and plays. Some of the friends who walked with me visited the graves of their relatives.

It also mean people to me. On Memorial Day, after attending the parade, I seek out the graves of people I have known. Included in this is my third grade teacher, Bertha Belmont, and my employer, Ruby Stromberg, who died on our high school graduation day. There are now many family friends, as well as school classmates and friends buried here.

Although no blood relatives are buried here it has been a cornerstone of my 70 years in town.

Remembrance by Betty A. Ford.

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