Bright-Lena Moulton

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  • Last Name: Bright
  • Given Name: Lena Moulton
  • Birth: 9/3/1928
  • Death: 9/1/2005
  • AGED:

  • Cemetery:
  • Section: D, Row: B, Lot: 18, Stone: 18

Lena Moulton Bright lived in York until moving to California where she married Lawrence Bright. They had a baby girl, Kari Lynn, who died in infancy. They later had a son Bruce. Lena worked for Dr. Magocsi as a receptionist and after moving back from California lived the rest of her life in Hudson, NH.

Remembrance by Kate Gerry Moulton, March, 2009.

Family and friends may submit additional information and remembrances to First Parish Church Historical Committee by email memorializations@gmail.com

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