Albee-Herbert S

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  • Last Name: Albee
  • Given Name: Herbert S
  • Birth: 5/21/1876
  • Death: 12/7/1946
  • AGED:

  • Cemetery:
  • Section: A, Row: F, Lot: 109, Stone: 54

This information was submitted by Howard Boswell on 1/6/2009. Mr. Boswell says, "I am not directly related to Herbert Albee, but have a long Albee line myself and connect with his ancestry in the third generation of the family in America."

Mr. Albee was listed in the census records as a Stationary Fireman. First in Brockton in 1900, and then Hyde Park 1910, and later in Boston. His son, Warren P. Albee, served in the United States Navy, aboard the USS Aulick, advancing from sailor to Chief by 1920. He later settled in California as an insurance salesman. Herbert was the son of Frank Steadman 9 Albee, born December 12, 1853, Rockland, Maine and wife Annie Laura Hammond, born July, 1858, Gloucester, Massachusetts.

Herbert Steadman 10 Albee, born May 21, 1876, Gloucester, Massachusetts, died December 7, 1946. Married in Brockton, Massachusetts, August 4, 1897, Elva L. Small, born January 31, 1875, died April 12, 1946. They had nine children, but only five were listed on the census records:

His lineage to the immigrant Albee is as follows:

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